Creative Arts Programs



We provide immersion opportunities that focus on fun, adventure, and life-long learning. We strive to build strong affinities between people and the creative arts. We provide participants from age 0 (yes we have pregnant moms in our programs) to 99 with the opportunity to explore an interest or pursue a passion in any of the expressive arts. Whether you want to make a short film,  be the next Ansel Adams or Jimi Hendrix, paint a portrait of your family, create a blog, play the boogie woogie on the piano, dance like no ones watching, make beats, sing to the moon and back, you name it, the possibilities are endless and we have the program for you.

Our Approach

Creating deep connections to the expressive arts is the cornerstone of our department. We nurture these connections while helping students achieve their personal goals. Whatever the goal, each student follows their own passion. Our instructors are seasoned professionals and mentor students with keen awareness to multiple and emotional intelligences, while sharing their own individual expertise and passions in that specific field. Our curriculum is inter-displinary and hands on with special attention paid to joyously meeting the student where they are at.