Customized Programs

Customized Programs are designed to meet an individual's specific needs and include personal attention in fitness, the arts, nature, or community service.  Our instructors are trained in helping students explore an interest or reach their goals in a supportive and safe atmosphere.  

Customized programs are shaped to accommodate busy schedules, create multidisciplinary experiences, and for elite lessons and training.  For more information contact Lex at 

“Once I realized, thru weight training with Gary, that long term goals are the product of many short term goals that you follow thru on, It opened my mind to the idea that I could really do anything I was passionate about if I just had a plan.” …” I’m certain that the early lessons I realized at the Riekes Center were integral to helping me achieve what has become a passion and goal of travel the world and film interesting people and places.”
— Ben Mullin, Emmy Award Winning Videographer & Producer, Riekes Alumni