History of the Riekes Center

This interactive timeline tells the story of the Center's amazing progression over all the years, highlighting poignant events, people and experiences that make this place unlike any other in the world.  The red door & entryway is the original front entrance of 1700 Fernside St. in Woodside, a past home of Gary Riekes, where the spirit of the Riekes Center emerged.  

Gary is a former Stanford football player and professional musician.  While recovering from a serious back injury, he began offering athletic fitness training at the Fernside house.  During this period he developed an effective peer mentoring process and a set of core values that remain at the heart of the Center to this day.  

The Riekes Center incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non profit in 1996 and moved to it's current location, a 40,000 square foot facility. Gary installed this door from the Fernside house to remind everyone that they are entering a place they call home, a place of welcoming and joy.  

Talk a walk down memory lane all the way to today and enjoy the pictures and videos we have highlighted below!