We offer Private lessons & programs for small and large groups spanning a range of topics.  Including the fundamentals of digital & black and white film photography.   From conception to completion; portrait,s sports, blogs, fashion, food,  nature, the skies the limit.  

35mm SLR's & DSLR's | Lighting | Manual Operations | Dark Room Processing & Printing | Post Production | Matting & Framing    

Small & Large Group Lessons  (all ages)

Home School, In-School, After School & Adults 

We customize programs for groups as small as 2 and large as 12.  Programs cover a range of topics and are based on the groups goals.  Perhaps you are new parents looking to photography your child's upbringing.  Or a charter school with the goal of providing extra curricular activities.  We've got you covered.  



Private Lessons  (all ages)

Customized to Individuals Needs 

Lessons cover the fundamentals of DSLR and Film Camera operations.  As well as composition, manual settings, special effects, exposure, site specific tone and mood, and more.  How to work with photos during post production is included.  From software like Photoshop to Adobe Lightroom, to old school dark room development and enlarging.   

Advanced Internship & Youth Empowerment Program (13+)


Riekes Reel Eyes is a full service media production unit providing professional audio/video/photography services to the community at large for a variety of events, special occasions, and marketing needs. Reel Eyes comprises of advanced high school aged student interns who receive real job training in technologically advanced systems as well as critical 21st century learning skills.  We film, photograph & edit media content for:

Training Videos
Public Service Announcement’s
High School & College Sports
Sports Highlight Reels

Audition Reels                                           School Plays
Dance Recitals
Panels & Conference Coverage

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Financial aid

Financial aid is available for all of our programs. We seek to provide educational opportunities regardless of income.  In addition to direct scholarships we offer work trade opportunities through our Community Service program.  

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