Chloe Zilliac, Musician, Riekes Center Instructor and Former Student

“When I first came to the Riekes Center I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So much warmth and happiness and joy with the employees and the people at the Riekes Center. However, I also thought it was a little intimidating because there was so much going on and so many people and new faces. I was introduced to everyone and thrown into all these things that I had never done before which was pushing me out of my comfort zone!”

Hugo Vliegen, Piano Student, Father & Businessman

“There are multiple ways of teaching. The piano lessons I got when I was young were more of the traditional way of teaching. The aspect of improvisation compared to executing a piece in the way it was written are two different skills. Bennett is teaching it in a way where most of it is practice, but there is also a solid theory behind it which helps me since I am more of a logical than intuitive person. Understanding the theory helps with my execution. It also helps with my development of intuition and gives me a framework to work with. I have had a great experience and would definitely recommend the Riekes Center to others.”