Patty Porter, Current Student & mother of Fernside Alumni

“I thought that since I had been doing pilates and yoga I was in pretty good shape. Gary hooked me up with Tim Dempsey and that first workout was when I realized that I couldn’t even do basic lifts. That was when I decided I would like to workout here. Over the course of time I’ve had a knee replacement so I’ve used the Riekes Center to get one side of my body as strong as the other. Between Tim and Robbie I think I’m doing great and am now pretty balanced with my body. I think that as you get older you need to sweat everyday, workout, and be agile and balanced. All those things are important to staying healthy. So the Riekes Center has become a part of my life.”

“One of the things that I like about working with the trainers here is they physically watch you the whole time. They make sure you are always in the proper form and working the correct muscle. If you are ever doing it wrong they stop you and make corrections. Whereas when I used trainers at the other gyms they would just tell me to do my reps, but didn’t really focus on my form. So that’s one of the big things I think is wonderful here.”

Kat Douglas – Santa Clara Volleyball

“I began training at the Riekes Center in 8th grade, and continued throughout my high school volleyball career. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to train so closely with such experienced trainers. The Riekes Center provides a training environment that is unequal to any other. Each and every trainer is welcoming, which provides a fun, and motivational learning environment. Riekes not only helped prevent injuries, but also developed me as an athlete in speed, strength and agility. Riekes did an outstanding job of preparing me for the workload of a D1 collegiate athlete.”

Ryan Le – Tufts University

“Well, after going to Riekes I can definitely tell a difference in my overall athleticism. When working out with the team, I was able to lift more weight than people similar to me and do more reps on things such as push ups and pull ups. In regards to my speed, I was not very fast when coming into the Riekes Center, but once I left I felt more comfortable as I was able to improve on all facets of my running. My explosiveness increased after lifting and running as well as my overall speed, due to all the different forms of training we did. It helped a lot, as I saw a major increase in my 40 time and long distance running. It was definitely worth every second.”

Clay Jones – Colorado Football

“When I started with Sione, I was not even close to being in college football shape. With his help I got bigger, stronger, faster and am in the best shape I have ever been in. Sione couldn’t have prepared me any better to compete at the college level. The workouts are fun, and everything you do is tailored to your specific sport. After training with Sione at The Riekes Center, I wouldn’t train anywhere else."

John Oppenheimer – Yale Football

“I started Acceleration in my Junior winter.  I was decently athletic and strong for my size at the time.  I weighed 255 pounds and ran a 5.2 40 yard dash with a max bench press of 225.  After doing Acceleration through the summer and Pinnacle the offseason after my Senior and Freshmen seasons, I improved my speed and strength drastically.  I trimmed my 40 yard dash to a 4.94 and can rep 225, 17 times.  I did this even though I only gained 5 pounds to 260.  But I transformed my body to have much better stamina and body composition.  Riekes Center helped me become strong and athletic enough to compete on the next level.”

Toby Gerhart – Minnesota Vikings Running Back

Toby Gerhart – Minnesota Vikings Running Back

“While in college, I wanted to push myself above and beyond the summer training and conditioning I was receiving with my teammates. RISE-UP provided me the extra boost that I needed. Through sport specific workout regimens that targeted speed, acceleration, and isometric strengthening, I was able to achieve my collegiate football goals and reach my dream of playing in the NFL.”

Rhett Ellison – Minnesota Vikings Fullback

Rhett Ellison – Minnesota Vikings Fullback

“The Rise Up training program was instrumental in preparing me to play college football at the highest level. I guarantee you will outwork your competition with this program. The coaches are passionate about what they do, and are committed to achieving your goals. This training will test you everyday, and is not for everyone. If you WANT to be great, you will tap out. If you NEED to be great this is the right program for you. If you want to take your game to the next level, challenge yourself to Rise Up.”