Sione Ma'ufualu, Community Service Manager

I definitely like helping people. I enjoy meeting new people. I meet a new person here like everyday and I’ve been here for four years. So there’s always new people coming here with different backgrounds.

Ginny Maiwald, Director of Student Services, Menlo Park City School District

Ginny Maiwald, Director of Student Services, Menlo Park City School District

Our district is deeply appreciative of the work of the Riekes Center in our community.  We highly value the wonderful relationship we have with the center and the amazing positive impact you have on children of all ages. 

Chloe Zilliac, Musician, Riekes Center Instructor and Former Student

“When I first came to the Riekes Center I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So much warmth and happiness and joy with the employees and the people at the Riekes Center. However, I also thought it was a little intimidating because there was so much going on and so many people and new faces. I was introduced to everyone and thrown into all these things that I had never done before which was pushing me out of my comfort zone!”

Susan Zaro, Oak Creek Apartments Alumni & Sport Pyscologist

“Gary would often ask me to sing along to a song he was singing even when I didn’t know the words. It was awkward since I am a poor singer. But he would encourage me to make up the words as I went along. It’s kind of a Albert Ellis technique. Albert Ellis was a therapist who would encourage his clients to do things that were harmless but potentially embarrassing to demonstrate to themselves that they can look silly and out of place and nothing really terrible is going to happen. It’s useful to practice that in life at times we are going to be out of our comfort zones and it’s okay, things are going to be just fine.”

“I think each student that comes through the Riekes Center has the opportunity to develop their passions. There are a lot of intangibles that students will walk away with if they embrace the experience.”

Hugo Vliegen, Piano Student, Father & Businessman

“There are multiple ways of teaching. The piano lessons I got when I was young were more of the traditional way of teaching. The aspect of improvisation compared to executing a piece in the way it was written are two different skills. Bennett is teaching it in a way where most of it is practice, but there is also a solid theory behind it which helps me since I am more of a logical than intuitive person. Understanding the theory helps with my execution. It also helps with my development of intuition and gives me a framework to work with. I have had a great experience and would definitely recommend the Riekes Center to others.” 

Patty Porter, Current Student & mother of Fernside Alumni

“I thought that since I had been doing pilates and yoga I was in pretty good shape. Gary hooked me up with Tim Dempsey and that first workout was when I realized that I couldn’t even do basic lifts. That was when I decided I would like to workout here. Over the course of time I’ve had a knee replacement so I’ve used the Riekes Center to get one side of my body as strong as the other. Between Tim and Robbie I think I’m doing great and am now pretty balanced with my body. I think that as you get older you need to sweat everyday, workout, and be agile and balanced. All those things are important to staying healthy. So the Riekes Center has become a part of my life.”

“One of the things that I like about working with the trainers here is they physically watch you the whole time. They make sure you are always in the proper form and working the correct muscle. If you are ever doing it wrong they stop you and make corrections. Whereas when I used trainers at the other gyms they would just tell me to do my reps, but didn’t really focus on my form. So that’s one of the big things I think is wonderful here.”

Kat Douglas – Santa Clara Volleyball

“I began training at the Riekes Center in 8th grade, and continued throughout my high school volleyball career. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to train so closely with such experienced trainers. The Riekes Center provides a training environment that is unequal to any other. Each and every trainer is welcoming, which provides a fun, and motivational learning environment. Riekes not only helped prevent injuries, but also developed me as an athlete in speed, strength and agility. Riekes did an outstanding job of preparing me for the workload of a D1 collegiate athlete.”