Personal Training with a Certified Strength & Condition Coach is an excellent way to achieve your goal of becoming fitter, strong, healthier, and a better competitor.  With a coach who is 100% focused on you, you can specifically target areas you would like to improve and enjoy faster progress.  


The Riekes Center offers personal training in the following areas: 

Weight Loss                                                                                 Home Workout Programs                                                               Pain Reduction                                                                         Postural Assessment                                                                            

Sports Specific Training                                                          Training after Physical Therapy                                                     Pre & Post Natal       


Financial aid is available for all of our programs. We seek to provide educational opportunities regardless of income.  In addition to direct scholarships we offer work trade opportunities through our Community Service program.  

Price Sheet | For more information please contact us | 650.364.2509

Additional Fitness Programs

About Fitness
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RISE-UP (age 9+)                              Pinnacle (age 14+) 


Elements (age 9-12)
CORE (age 13-18)
Adult Fitness (age 18+)
Group Workout Classes                      Anti-Gravity Treadmill                  Adaptive and Restorative Fitness