R-FIT (18+) 

Small group training                                                                                                                                               CLASSES: mon-THURS 6 - 7 pm  | Sat 9 - 10 am

The R-FIT small group training is the Riekes Centers signature adult fitness class.  The classes focus on functional integrative movements designed as effective while preventing injury.  Each hour - long class provides a holistic workout and will change emphasis from class to class, keeping the workout fun and interesting.  


The different class themes include endurance, strength, agility & explosiveness.   Within these themes, a variety of exercises are used to promote multi-directional movement.  Each workout has built-in progressions so everyone can work at their own ability level.  Those seeking a more rigorous workout are afforded the opportunity to do so, allowing each student to challenge themselves as they see fit.



Pricing Information

Prices and schedules are subject to change. To see a list of program prices, download the Riekes Price Sheet here.

Financial aid is available for all of our programs. We seek to provide educational opportunities regardless of income. In addition to direct scholarships, we offer work-trade opportunities through our Community Service program. For more information regarding financial aid, please contact us.