Postural Restoration® (all ages) 

Improve your body alignment while addressing underlying biomechanics.

I’ve been working out for years & this is a completely different way of working out. It has a strong impact. It is based on my alignment, or rather misalignments, and Tim Dempsey is incredibly knowledgable. It has helped me make changes to my physical anatomy that I have not been able to make using other systems. I feel strong & vital.”

What is Postural Restoration®?

Our Postural Restoration® exercise program offers a unique approach to physical medicine. This approach addresses underlying biomechanics which can often lead to symptoms of pain and dysfunction. All mechanical influences on the body that restrict movement and contribute to improper joint and muscle position are considered, examined, and assessed. Techniques are utilized to restore proper alignment of the body while proper respiratory dynamics are considered. Management encompasses prevention and lifetime integration for long-term successful outcomes.

The PRI program consists of an initial PRI evaluation, lasting from 45 minutes to an hour. Based on this evaluation a PRI exercise program is designed and taught to the participant so that they may do on their own. Follow up sessions of 30 minutes weekly, bi weekly, or monthly are highly encouraged so that participants can master the PRI exercises. New PRI exercises can be assigned as the participant advances. Most participants need about 8 sessions to achieve their desired result, however many continue indefinitely and use PRI as an exercise program to complement their other activities.

Cost is $125 for an hour, $90 for 45 minutes and $65 for 30 minute sessions. Contact to schedule an appointment.

Tim Dempsey

Riekes Center Athletic Fitness Director

Postural Restoration Trained™ from PRI
                                                            Dynamic Neuromuscular Exercise Trainer (DNSET) from Prague Institute of Rehabilitation
                                                            National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified
                                                            USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach
                                                            USA Weightlifting Club Coach
                                                            Over 20 Years Experience Training Athletes, Adults & Rehabilitative Population