We Bought it! Let's Celebrate

The Riekes Center is excited to announce the success of Phase One and the beginning of Phase Two of our $6 million Capital Campaign to acquire, upgrade and enhance our facility.


Phase One of the Capital Campaign raised $3.4 million, and, on August 30th, after having leased our building for over 20 years, we purchased our facility.  We are thrilled to now own the building and make sure The Riekes Center and its transformative programs remain a permanent community resource. Since our founding, over 100,000 people have benefited from The Riekes Center and we can't wait to impact thousands more.

You can see for yourself: Everyone at The Riekes Center is dancing with joy! 

We want to celebrate the completion of Phase One and THANK everyone who helped us reach this important milestone.  Many said it was impossible when we were faced with raising $3.4 million in two months, BUT WITH YOUR INSPIRING HELP WE DID IT!!! 

How can we EVER thank you enough?!?!

Please join us at The Riekes Center on September 15th from 6-7 pm to toast the beginning of our new future.