Gary Riekes

Executive Director & Founder

Gary has been a professional musician since the age of 9. He was a member of the Omaha Symphony Orchestra and numerous contemporary performance groups. He is a graduate of Stanford University, where he played football and ran track. He has coached professional football, developed an educational activity music company, and has lectured across the country on a wide variety of topics. Gary founded The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement in 1996.

“The Riekes Center is not about me. It is to honor my mother and father, which is why Riekes is in the name. It is in the spirit of all parents/teachers who want their children/students to have the best possibility for enhancement regardless of the outcome. The Riekes Center is a place where a student can explore an interest or pursue a passion in athletics, creative arts, or nature studies with mutual respect and without judgment. The driving force for me has always been the joy I get to share with the students in the enhancement process.”