Diamond Dahlstrom

Diamond Christopher Dahlstrom Mendez was born at a very early age.  He has been making fires and playing percussion instruments since before the first iphone was released, and loves exploring the outdoors with others.  The rolling chaparral hills, sandy coasts and boundless deserts of California is where he calls home, and his passion for adventure and learning the old ways are never-ending.  His history with Riekes began when he was integrated into the teen program in 2004, being taught by past instructors Jeremy Hartje and Scott “Osprey” Brinton. He then became an assistant for the pre-teen programs a year later, which eventually lead to his current position as an instructor.  He has participated in various nature connection programs and primitive skills gatherings, such as Wintercount, Art of Mentoring, Native Eyes, The Buckeye Gathering, The Tracker School, Barn Dances, after school programs and more.  You can often find him engrossed in a new musical instrument, examining unique methods of making fire, sharpening his knives, calling birds with his phone, climbing waterfalls, journaling his backyard wildlife, convincing people to do things blindfolded or simply listening to Jason Mraz on a warm afternoon in a whole foods cafe enjoying his iced chai. Diamond is as excited as ever to be teaching with Riekes for another year, and looks forward to making stories and going on countless adventures throughout our beloved wilderness.