Customized Nature Awareness Programs


Do you, or your group, want to experience nature in a fun and unique way?  Have you ever wanted to learn how to travel through the woods at - one with the wildlife?  Do you know someone who would love to celebrate their birthday with a nature adventure?  With a Riekes NA customized program, we offer a fun and flexible way for students of all ages to have an exciting experience in the natural world.  These adventures are for any ages at any stages, specially crafted to meet your individual or group needs.  If you already know what type of program you are interested in, please contact  

Some of the themes that we teach:

Survival Skills: Fire By Friction, Shelters, Edible & Medical Plants, Bird & Plant Identification, Tracking & more...

Wild-Crafting: Making things from the natural landscape, such as baskets, cordage, burn spoons...

                                                                                Awareness Games & Activities: High energy group awareness games, or individual                                                                                         awareness challenges.  

Nature Art: Drawing, Painting, Gourd Crafting & more...

Customized School Programs: One time visits or an ongoing series.  Let us know your preference and we will bring it to your class. 

Campouts: From Daytime activities to evenings around a campfire (made by friction of course), we are the naturalists for hire for your family or group events. 

You name it!  Got another interest? We will do our best to match your goals.  Just let us know! For more information contact us.