CORE (ages 13-18) 

CORE is a customized strength & conditioning program, designed to help you accomplish your visual and functional goals.

Visual Goals = how your body looks. 

Functional Goals = how your body performs. 

A variety of students from all walks of life join this program to change their visual appearance, athletic performance, or increase their overall fitness level.  Awesome abs, here I come! 

Do You Want To:  

Gain Weight                                                                                     Get Buff                                                                                     Improve Muscle Tone

Improve Your Athletic Performance                                            Get in Shape                                                                                   Lose Weight     

How It Works

Begin by taking a tour of our facility.  Then register either online or in person by filling out a Got Goals Application.  Next you participate in a 30-minute physical evaluation.  Based on your application and the evaluation, a coach will create a workout customized to your needs and abilities.  

A coach guides you through three workouts, and then you are in charge of your own schedule.  Don't worry, coaches are always around to help out or answer questions.  

Each time you come in a coach will update your workout, change weights as necessary, and let you know when it's time to accelerate your progress by creating a new plan.  

Students work out every other day, up to three times a week.  Workouts can range from 45 minutes to 120 minutes, based on your schedule.  

Program Benefits

Gain self-confidence through the attainment of your personal goals.  Gain self-reliance because these are your dreams, not ours; we simply have a highly qualified & caring staff who bring out your best in an environment where everyone succeeds.  You will look and feel better! 

Pricing Information

Prices and schedules are subject to change. To see a list of program prices, download the Riekes Price Sheet here.

Financial aid is available for all of our programs. We seek to provide educational opportunities regardless of income. In addition to direct scholarships, we offer work-trade opportunities through our Community Service program. For more information regarding financial aid, please contact us.