Riekes Summer Camps (by date)

Want to give your child the ultimate summer experience? We've got you covered all summer long.




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Extended Care

The Riekes Center provides extended care for most of our camps throughout the summer.

EARLY DROP-OFF - Available 8 - 9 am (complimentary)

Students have access to our Extended Care room for a quiet, safe space to read or play quiet games until camp begins. 

AFTERCARE - Available until 5 pm

Aftercare is available for all camps held at the Riekes Center except for Surf Camp.

Aftercare includes:

  • healthy snack
  • movies
  • quiet reading and relaxation room
  • group activities and games
  • arts and crafts
  • time to practice skills learned at camp

COST - $10/hr, billed in 30 minute increments

We provide automatic billing for the week. Just give us a credit/debit card and we will track the amount of Aftercare you use and charge you at the end of the week. You can also pay on site in advance of each day/week, if you prefer.    


There is no need to sign up for Extended Care at this time. Read below for how scheduling will work during the week of camp.

  1. Online In Advance
    • A week before camp, we will send an email to all campers
      • The email includes a form where you can choose the days you will use Aftercare
  2. In Person, In Advance 
    • On the first day of camp, come into the center and give us your schedule for the week
  3. In Person, Day by Day
    • Come into the center and tell us at the front desk that you plan to use Aftercare that afternoon

Summer Camp Cancellation Policy

Before May 1st - we provide a refund minus a $50 cancellation fee

May 1st or later - we can only provide a refund minus $50 cancellation fee if your spot is filled by a wait-listed camper

Summer Camp Scholarships

The Riekes Center's mission is to provide people with the opportunity to participate, regardless of their ability to pay.  We have scholarships available for all of our summer camps. 

To apply for a scholarship online, sign up for the camp and choose the "Summer Camp Scholarship Deposit" option on the checkout screen (see image below). 




After you complete your online registration, you will receive an email within 2-3 business days with information on how to fill out the Scholarship Application and set up an appointment with our Scholarship Department.  You will have 30 days to complete your scholarship process. 

The $5 Deposit will be applied toward your camp tuition, and will be refunded if you decide not to participate after completing the scholarship process.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Scholarship process, contact Aaron Alvarez at aalvarez@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509

Registration Help

This year, the Riekes Center is using a new registration site (Mindbody Online) for all of our camp enrollments.  We've created this help section to hopefully address the most common issues and confusion that may arise when signing up for camps. 

Note, if you have been to Riekes before for ANY programs, you will need a new password (see the first item on the list).

Help Topics

Creating a New Password

This year, we are using Mindbody Online for our online registration for the first time.

If your child has participated in ANY Riekes Center programs in the past, you already have an account in Mindbody Online. You will need to create a password so you can log in and sign up for camps.

IMPORTANT: Your account in our system is under the CHILD’S name, not the parent. You will use the child’s name when creating your new password.

Once you have created a password, you will be able to sign up for ALL future camps with just a few clicks.

CREATING A NEW PASSWORD (step by step walk-through)

1. When you click the “Sign Up” button on our summer camps page, you will be redirected to Mindbody Online. The first screen will look something like this:



2. Click "SIGN UP NOW!" and you will see this screen pop up


NOTE - If you're on the Mindbody Online home screen, the Need password? link is in the upper right-hand corner


3. Click on "Need New Password?" and "Tell Us Your Email" pops up. Enter the email that the Riekes Center uses to send you info.


4. IMPORTANT - When "Tell Us Your Name" pops up, use the CHILD'S name (not your own).


5. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Follow the instructions in the email.


The email should look something like this:

Login Info.PNG


6. Create your new password and you will be automatically logged in to Mindbody Online


7. Once logged in, you will land on our Summer Camps page.

From here, you can:

  • Scroll down the camps screen until you find the camp you want
  • Use the "Class Type" drop-down menu to choose your camp
  • Return to the Riekes Summer Camp page and sign up from there


Congratulations! You're ready to sign up for summer camp. Once you have a new password, you can sign up for each camp with just a few clicks. 

Return to our Summer Camps Page

Still need help? Contact us at info@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509

We can walk you through the process or sign you up by phone.


Using the Wrong Name When Signing Up

If You Created a New Password Before Signing Up: when you created your account, it should have been under the CHILD'S name. When you reach the Make a Reservation screen (see below), you choose Myself. 


If You Created an Account Under the Parent's Name:

  • Login to your Mindbody Online account
  • Add your child to your account by clicking My Info and then "Add Family Member"


Once you had added your child to your account, you will a button to enroll them on the Make a Reservation screen:


Return to our Summer Camps Page

Still need help? Contact us at info@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509

Signing Up Multiple Children

You can add additional children to your account by using the Add Family Member feature: 

  Add Family Members from My Info

Add Family Members from My Info


  • Sign in to Mindbody Online
  • Click on My Info
  • Click on Add Family Member







Once you have added additional Family Members:


  • You will see additional "Enroll" buttons on the Make a Reservation screen
  • Click Enroll to enroll the primary student
  • Click Enroll - Student Name to enroll the other family members




Return to our Summer Camps Page

Still need help? Contact us at info@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509

Signing Up for Multiple Camps

You will need to sign up for each camp separately. However, once you have created your account, it will take only a few clicks to sign for up each camp. 

You can also sign up multiple children using one account. Click here for more info on how.

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Still need help? Contact us at info@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509

Existing Mindbody Online Account with Another Company

Many gyms and yoga studios also use Mindbody Online. You may be still be logged in to your other account, which can cause issues in creating an account with The Riekes Center. 

We recommend:

  1. Logging out of your other Mindbody Online account, or
  2. Try using Incognito (Chrome) or Private Browsing

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Still need help? Contact us at info@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509

Can't Find Camp You're Looking For?

After you create your new password with Mindbody Online you will be automatically logged into a screen that contains all of our camps. 

From here, you have a few options for finding the camp you're looking for:

1. Return to our Summer Camps page and navigate from there

2. Scroll through the Event Schedule until you find your camp (they are organized by date)


3. Use the "All Class Types" drop-down menu to choose your camp


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Still need help? Contact us at info@riekes.org or (650) 364-2509