Aidan Young

Aidan Young grew up on the Jersey Shore and in Seattle, moving to the Bay Area to join the Riekes Center in 2002.  Aidan is a lifelong musician and naturalist. He has been singing and playing the guitar since the age of 10, and teaching music and nature to youth and adults since the age of 15.

Aidan has performed live in over 500 concerts, written and recorded music in a variety of genres, played with several bands, including the Funkistadors and Remi and Chloe, and taught hundreds of students. Aidan’s students have been accepted to Berklee College of Music and other top music schools.

Aidan loves all music, from Taylor Swift to Miles Davis.  Though he can teach bass, drums, and piano, Aidan primarily teaches guitar and vocals and coaches bands, where he helps students develop strong technique that enables them to find their unique creative sound. Aidan loves working on creativity, improvisation, and songwriting across all modern genres.

The Riekes Center is the ultimate environment for cultivating creativity, versatility, imagination, vitality, compassion, and self-confidence in youth. When I visited for the first time, as a 14 year old student, I was amazed that all of my interests music, nature, sports, exploring new interests- could exist under one roof, in an environment where everyone made me feel so welcome.