SMART - Adult Fitness Program (21+) 

personalized training for everyone

The Riekes Center's adult fitness program is designed to optimize an individual's performance in all areas of life.  Each student's fitness goals guide the creation of their individualized training program.  Our fitness formula is capable of meeting a variety of student goals, including high performance athletes, injury recovery, joint replacement, general recreational activities, and those who seek all around wellness for everyday life.  

Workouts are designed with the following guidelines:  

Safety: Proper Movements to help recover from past injury and to prevent the possibility of future injury. 

Goals: Individualized & customize assessment / plan creation

Efficiency: Minimum time to achieve the maximum results 

Effective: Experienced coaches create an optimal performance plan to reach the highest results

Care: Individualized attention in an environment of non-judgement where everyone is supported regardless of their goals, abilities, or interests. 

Each customized workout will include a variety of exercises that make coming to the gym fun and effective.  These workouts may include strength and conditioning, cardio, resistance training, sport specific exercises, and postural restoration.  Every workout is created and updated with great care and attention by a coach who is dedicated to helping each student achieve their goals. 

How It Works

Start with a private 30 minute evaluation. Decide how you would like to measure your success.

Go through 3 guided workouts, equivalent to a personal training session.  If needed your coach can schedule additional guided workouts. 

Gain full access to ur high performance gym to work out using your personalized plan. Coaches are able to help with questions or exercises as needed during the workout.  They will review and update each workout as necessary. 

At the 6 week mark, your coach will check in.  After 12 weeks, you meet with your coach for an evaluation and to discuss goals. Steps are repeated to ensure your goals and progress continue to advance.  

Program Benefits

Gain self-confidence through the attainment of your personal goals.  Gain self-reliance because these are your dreams, not ours; we simply have a highly qualified & caring staff who bring out your best in an environment where everyone succeeds.  You will look and feel better! 


What's Included? 

Customized performance workout designed to meet your goals & needs

Personalized care from experienced fitness coaches

One on one training sessions every 12 weeks

R-Fit small group classes

Unlimited access to our 40k sq. ft. facility

Fit3D Avatar Body Scan

Endless pool access 

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill access for injury recovery, prevention & weight loss

Pricing Information

Prices and schedules are subject to change. To see a list of program prices, download the Riekes Price Sheet here.

Financial aid is available for all of our programs. We seek to provide educational opportunities regardless of income. In addition to direct scholarships, we offer work-trade opportunities through our Community Service program. For more information regarding financial aid, please contact us.