Sagesse Graham

Sagesse has over 15 years experience working in arts education with youth. Her background includes extensive inter-disciplinary studies at the renowned liberal arts college, Evergreen, in Olympia WA. There she formed a foundation of skills and knowledge spanning media production, theater and dance, community organizing, holistic education and youth empowerment.  She believes strongly in approaching education through a multi-faceted lens and that exploration in the arts is an essential part of child development. She incorporates concepts such as multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence and different learning styles into all her curriculum design. She has worked as a facilitator, contract, and resident teaching artist, coordinator and director for organizations with international acclaim such as 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle WA, The Power of Hope based in Victoria BC, Partners for Youth Empowerment – an international network of youth workers and most recently Fresh Takes Media Arts Center in Redwood City.