Laura Stein 

Director of People Operations 

Laura Stein grew up in the Pine Barren Forest of New Jersey (yes there are forests in New Jersey) where she spent her time immersed in her many passions: eating wild blueberries, chasing baby Canada geese, and studying behavior patterns of squirrels. When it was time for her to join society, she turned her focus towards another passion: studying behavior patterns of humans.

After narrowly escaping a Federal sentence for Stalking and Endangerment,Laura decided to straighten out her act and go to college. She graduated from Temple University with degrees in Hospitality and Event Management, Economics, and Environmental Science.

Her professional background is as varied as Gregor Mendel’s pea plants. It includes work in corporate social responsibility for a Fortune 200 company, nonprofit consulting, and business administration (she is the former owner of Wilderskills, a youth nature awareness summer camp).

Just prior to joining the Riekes Center, Laura lived in a primitive shelter she built in the Santa Cruz mountains.  To afford her astronomical rent, she worked as the Human Resources Manager and Financial Controller at a tech startup.

Laura enjoys conversations about football, psychology, and rock climbing.