After School & Home School Programs


We provide immersion opportunities that focus on fun, adventure, and life-long learning.  Our home school programs pave a path for youth to learn in safe and supportive environments.  Our after school programs are engaging and full of adventurous oportunities...

After School

Nature Ninjas

Thursdays 3:45-5:00PM | 8 weeks = $200; $250 includes optional Gi uniform

See the world through the eyes of a ninja. Learn ancient survival skills, martial arts, archery, awareness, plant and animal identification, fire-making, and more at this intense afterschool program. Includes comprehensive online curriculum and the opportunity for belt certification in Ninjutsu. 

Program Coordinator: Ken Clarkson, Nature Awareness Director


Ages 10 and up | Wednesdays 3:45-5:00PM | 8 weeks $250

Learn fundamental art techniques and artistic styles in a fun small-group environment. Classes will include painting, drawing, charcoal, mural-making, and more.

Program Coordinator: Aaron Alvarez,


Ages 10 and up | Wednesdays 3:45-5:00PM | 8 weeks $250

Our instructors teach students the fundamentals of digital photography, project conceptualization, composition, exposure, lighting, and digital photo editing using Adobe Creative Cloud.
Ages 10 and up 

Program Coordinator: Aaron Alvarez,

Home School Program

Riekes Fusion

Special Offer: Sign up for both sessions and receive a discount! Both classes for only $525 (2 days/8 weeks)

Art | music | Physical fitness | Lunchtime social

Monday Class - Art, Lunch, Physical Fitness | January 9th - February 27th (8 weeks) | 12pm-2:30pm | $300

Tuesday Class - Music, Lunch, Physical Fitness | January 10th - February 28th (8 weeks) | 12pm-2:30pm | $300

The Riekes Center is continues to pioneer new programs for homeschooled students with the Riekes Fusion program! Riekes Fusion includes two, hour-long classes in in various subjects with a 30min lunch break in between -- it gives students a fun and educational day while they participate in classes that meet their interests! This structure allows for learners with similar interests to spend time in multiple classes together and to have time to get to know each other in the relaxed lunch setting.

Program Descriptions

 Art - Classes use various techniques to explore painting, drawing, charcoal, mural-making,
and more.

Music Class - Explore an instrument (piano, bass, drums, guitar, vocals) with a group. Learn about
melody, harmony, and simple scales. Practice improvisation and coming up with tasteful riffs and grooves in a variety of styles.

Physical Fitness - Enjoy jumping, running, and explosive movement through interactive games and
activities. Develop a positive attitude towards physical activity for a
lifetime by focusing on the following core elements:

Strength and Conditioning | Skill Development | Improving Self-Esteem and Body Image | Fun!

Lunch - Bring your own lunch and hang out with your peers! All participants will be
responsible for providing, storing, and cleaning up their personal lunch items.
(Lunch will be held outside in the backyard, but during colder weather,
there is also an indoor space available)

Please contact Lex Ebbink-Alemania at with questions or to find out more information on how to Register